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4 Reasons Why Video Asset Management is Vital to YouTubers

Jesse Young El・2022-04-13

If you are a YouTuber, then you know the importance of video management.

It can be difficult to keep track of all your videos, especially when they are spread out across multiple devices and online platforms.

The Pains of video asset management

Your mix of YouTube assets may include:

  • your video intros
  • motion graphic titles
  • stock footage
  • stock music
  • clips sourced from other YouTube videos
  • news stories and
  • movie & TV show clips

Upfront, all of these video assets can be extremely difficult to manage.

And those clips become even more difficult to find later on when you want to make future YouTube videos using those materials.

That's where Eagle comes in to save the day.

Eagle is a powerful yet lightweight video management tool that makes it easy for YouTubers to organize and manage their video assets.

Video from Rolando Barry

Whether you're pressing to get your first 1,000 subscribers or first 1 million — Eagle is a hidden gem for any YouTuber.

Hands down, Eagle is a gamechanger for YouTubers and in this blog post, we will discuss 4 reasons why!

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1. Eagle’s Video Library: Lightweight & Portable, but Powerful

The importance of Eagle's lightweight & portable, but powerful video library cannot be overstated.

As a YouTuber, it is essential to have a tool that can help you easily manage your video assets.

Eagle's video library is just that - lightweight and portable, but still powerful enough to exceed all your needs.

Lightweight Video Management App

Eagle is a lightweight video management tool that makes it easy for YouTubers to organize and manage their video assets.

Eagle only takes up a mere 270MB of hard drive space on my computer — that's smaller than most video clips you'll be loading into your video library.

And it eats up less than 500MB of RAM which is likely less than your favorite web browser.

Comparison between video management app/ Image from

Comparison between video management app/ Image from

But don't let the size fool you - Eagle is still packed with powerful features.

(More on those powerful features in a bit)

Portable Video Library

Eagle is also portable, which means you can take your video library with you wherever you go.

As a content creator, I work between two offices, which means my precious video library has to be able to travel with me.

With Eagle, this is no sweat.

You can keep your entire video library on an external hard drive like this:

Image from

Image from

I currently have over 13,303 media files in my library — totaling 537GB.

My Eagle library travels with me wherever I go.

And with Eagle's software license, I'm able to activate Eagle on both of my desktops using one serial number. And when it's time to add Eagle to my MacBook Air, I won't have to break the bank getting an additional license. (More on pricing later on)

And because EVERYTHING resides in one place, it's a snap to backup your entire library to another drive.

Powerful Video Library

Standard features like Tags, Metadata, and Search are present like any other tool you'd expect — except somehow the wizards at Eagle made them work better.

Everything is faster, more responsive. Search results are snappy, almost instant. No "loading" results or anything of the sort.

Plus extremely powerful features like Video Notes make Eagle an essential tool for all content creatives (I'll go into detail about Video Notes a little later on — trust me, it's fire 🔥).

2. Eagle’s Tags and Metadata: powerful search features for YouTubers

As a content creator, it is essential to be able to easily find the videos you need when you need them. Tags and metadata make it possible for YouTubers to quickly and easily find the videos they need.

Eagle's tags and metadata are extremely powerful and can help YouTubers find the videos quicker than ever.

Eagle Shape Filter/ Image from

Eagle Shape Filter/ Image from

Having the ability to quickly narrow down a huge library based on the video shape (Vertical, Horizontal, 16:9, etc.) or by Duration is heaven-sent.

Eagle automatically extracts this metadata from your video assets and makes it extremely easy to harness this data for you to use in a time crunch.

Tag Groups

In Eagle, not only can you create tags, you can create Tag Groups.

For me, Tag Groups are essentially like folders for your tags.

This is extremely helpful when you have a lot of tags and need a quick way to organize them.

I use Tag Groups to help me filter through thousands of clips to narrow them down to the perfect clip needed for the moment based on how I usually search for content.

Eagle Tag Groups/ Image from

Eagle Tag Groups/ Image from

Eagle Uncategorized Files/ Image from

Eagle Uncategorized Files/ Image from

Being able to customize my "filters" as Tag Groups allows me to narrow down clips based on Theme, Shot Types, & People — all of which are three Tag Groups I created and use daily.

This is extremely POWERFUL!

Let's go look at these in more detail.


Eagle Tag Filter/ Image from

Eagle Tag Filter/ Image from

Whenever I need to find any aerial footage I've shot or licensed, there's no need to search through old project folders or scroll through my entire video library.

I simply go to my Themes Tag Group and check off "Aerial" as the theme.

And like that, every single clip I have with the Aerial Theme applied to it will appear.

The same goes for "Food", "Lifestyle", "People", or "Time Lapses" — these are some of the tags that I've grouped in the "Themes" tag group.

Shot Types

Search Video by Shot Type Tags/ Image from

Search Video by Shot Type Tags/ Image from

The same goes for Shot Types — a Tag Group I've created.

Frame Rates, Exterior Shots, Camera Movement types, all are Tags I've grouped in a "Shot Types" Tag Group to make locating the clips I need with the proper Shot Type painless.


Search Video by People Tags/ Image from

Search Video by People Tags/ Image from

With a "People" Tag Group, I can easily filter my clips by Nationality, Age Group, Gender, and more!

I can't stress enough how helpful this is when trying to quickly locate a clip in your library.

Whether you're looking for an older gentleman to play the role of a grandfather or a group of teenage girls laughing and joking around, the "People" Tag Group will help you get there faster than ever.

These are just a few examples of how you can use the power of Tags, Metadata, and Tag Groups within Eagle.

3. Video Notes in Eagle: Lightning Fast, Timestamped and Searchable

Video Notes in Eagle are an extremely powerful tool that can help YouTubers quickly and easily find the videos they need.

What better place to record notes for video clips, video drafts, and sourced clips than within the video itself? Video Notes does just that!

Video Reviews and Notes

Video Notes is also a huge lifesaver for reviewing long-form videos, reducing the need to watch entire videos over and over again for specific moments.

Just make a note as you review the first time —

Add Note to Your Video/ Image from

Add Note to Your Video/ Image from

Eagle Detail Mode/ Image from

Eagle Detail Mode/ Image from

— and your notes will be saved for the near future when it's time to work.

Leave a Comment on Your Video/ Image from

Leave a Comment on Your Video/ Image from

The note will be there for you whenever you return to the clip, and you can snap quickly to that specific moment in time.

Fast Searchable Notes

Here's another example: If I need a clip of something showing a glimpse of hope, I can just search for "hope".

Eagle filters through all my video clips, even the Video Notes I inputted.

Instantly, three video clips from some of my favorite movie clips I saved in my video library popped up.

Search Video by Notes/ Image from

Search Video by Notes/ Image from

And this clip from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is perfect for what I need!

Voila!/ Image from

Voila!/ Image from

NOTE: You can even easily save information like source details with my clips, so you don't have to remember who to give credit to. It's all saved in Eagle — ready for you when the time comes.

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4. Eagle: The most affordable option on the market

The cost of digital asset management can be a significant investment for any YouTuber.

However, the price savings of using a tool like Eagle to manage and organize video media can be tremendous!

Let's set the stage first by looking at the pricing of some of the other asset management options out there.

Adobe Bridge: Free but Slow (Unbearably Slow)

Image from

Image from

Adobe Bridge is Adobe's long-time solution for asset management. Many don't know that Bridge is completely free, and doesn't require you to have a paid Creative Cloud account.

Free? That's a good thing right?


There's just one major flaw with Adobe Bridge… it's slow — really slow.

Bridge takes too long to load.

It takes too long to retrieve search results.

It takes too long to add tags, organize clips, or open clips.

It's just really slow.

You can't put a price tag on the time you lose using Adobe Bridge, which makes it more expensive than the "Free" price tag.

Air: Starting at $12 per month

Image from

Image from

Air is a new digital asset management solution that's quickly gaining popularity.

With its clean interface, simple navigation, and fast search features, it's no wonder why!

But Air comes at a cost — literally.

At $12 per user, per month, the costs can mount up faster than you can blink.

And there's a 200GB limit at the $12 level.

Need 2TB? Then you have to upgrade to $30 per user, per month or $300 per year — Ouch!

Filecamp: Starting at $29 per month

Image from

Image from

Filecamp is a popular digital asset management solution that's simple to use, but the costs can add up quickly.

At $29 per month, you'll be paying nearly $350 annually. This may seem like an affordable price, but it doesn't compare to the savings you'll receive with Eagle's.

Widen: Starting at $19,990 👀

Image from

Image from

Widen is one of the most popular DAM solutions for enterprise companies — but probably a no-go for you.

With a starting price tag of nearly $20,000 per year, it's not even in the same ballpark as Eagle.

And for a YouTuber of any size, $20K per year is not an option for managing your media files.

PhotoShelter: "Get Your Quote" (aka A Lot of Money)

Image from

Image from

PhotoShelter is one of the most popular photo management solutions, but they don't list their prices on their website.

Why? Because it's (probably) A LOT of money.

To get a quote from PhotoShelter, you have to submit your name, email address, phone number, and company size.

After that… you wait. And wait. And wait some more for someone to reach out and give you a price quote.

But who has time for that? Not YouTubers. We need fast solutions at an affordable price.

Canto: "Get a Quote" (probably too much to list)

Image from

Image from

Like PhotoShelter, Canto requires you to submit your information before they'll give you a price.

From the research I've done, it seems that Canto is one of the more expensive digital asset management solutions on the market.

But with no prices listed on their website, it's impossible to know for sure how much their DAM solution will cost — although it's safe to say it's probably too much.

Brandfolder: "Get a Quote" (you see the pattern?)

Image from

Image from

Brandfolder is another example of a digital asset management solution that doesn't list prices on its website.

To get started, they require you to submit your name, email address, phone number, and company size.

Let's move on.

Bynder: "Get pricing details" (aka more than you'd want to pay)

Image from

Image from

Bynder is similar to the other "Get a quote" DAM solutions, requiring you to provide your information before getting pricing details.

From what I can gather, Bynder's starting price is $450 and it’s not clear if that’s a one-time, monthly or annual fee.

Eagle: $29.95 — that's it.

Image from

Image from

You don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use Eagle.

You don't have to pay per user.

You don't have to give away your private information to get a quote.

You get updates for free. You can also get a discount if you are a student.

And each software license can be used on two devices, no matter if they are Windows or Mac machines!

All for only $29.99.

Eagle is the obvious winner for any YouTuber — It definitely is for me.


As a YouTuber, it's important to have a fast, reliable, and affordable video management solution — and that's exactly what Eagle provides.

Eagle is the perfect solution for busy YouTubers who need a fast, reliable, and affordable way to manage their videos.

From its extensive search features to its simple interface, Eagle is the perfect solution for managing your video files.

And at just $29.95 per license, it's the most affordable option on the market!

So if you're looking for a game-changing video management solution, look no further than Eagle. 🦅🎥✨"