Visual Delights: Meet the Best 9 YouTube Illustrators of 2023

Vivian Chang・2021-10-13

While designers or illustrators may share their pieces on Instagram, some may disclose the technique they use or behind-the-scene moments on their own YouTube channels. For those who are eager to learn from professionals, this is the easiest way to be inspired!

Here, I'll share a YouTube subscribe list of illustrators. Have fun reading!

Best 9 illustrators YouTube subscribe list

1. Fran Menses

Fran Menses

Image from Fran Menses

Based in Brooklyn, Fran Menses illustrates and owns an online shop where you may find some second-hand t-shirts and dope stationery. You can also find her works on book covers and comics. If you're interested in a freelancer's life, do check out her YouTube channel!


2. Jeremy Mura

Jeremy Mura

Image from Jeremy Mura

Jeremy is an Australian designer that specializes in branding, logo design, identity systems, graphic design, etc. He uploads videos weekly which means there are a bunch of versatile skills that await you to digest. Go check him out now!


3. paloma the peach

paloma the peach

Image from paloma the peach

This channel not only shares how an illustration was done but also an illustrator's daily life. The style is chilling and aesthetic, pretty delightful to watch. Even if you're not into design, you can enjoy it as well. Stay inspired!


4. Dan Gartman

Dan Gartman

Image from Dan Gartman

Dan Gartman is an illustrator from Ukraine based in Warsaw, Poland. He talks about illustration and drawing in his channel, for example, tutorials, sketching, working time lapses, tools, etc. The brands he'd worked with included Rainforest Alliance, Oxford University Press, Snapchat, Walmart, and so on.


5. Ben Marriott

Ben Marriott

Image from Ben Marriott

Based in Sydney, Ben shared lots of tutorials of illustrations, motion designs, and reviews the annual best pieces. You're sure to be amazed by all those tricks and help you deliver better works!


6. Asia Orlando

Asia Orlando

Image from Asia Orlando

Asia is an illustrator based in Amsterdam. She's talking about both the business and creative side of illustration in this channel. If you're thinking about taking an illustrator as a job, you mustn't miss this channel!


7. Harian Project ID

Harian Project ID

Image from Harian Project ID

This channel discusses the tips and tricks of Adobe Illustrator. It shows different techniques with a wide range of styles and works, including cartoon and 3D characters. Also, it shares the world of microstock for vector sales.




Image from ARVSHRT

Most of the works are about humans portray and the techniques of transforming sketches into digital illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. Quite an easy-understanding and practical tutorial channel!


9. Pierre Kleinhouse

Pierre Kleinhouse

Pierre Kleinhouse talks and tutorials about illustration, design & branding. His works are mostly high-contrast, strong, and dark, very unique! Through his YouTube channel, you can also learn some techniques for reviewing other pieces.


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