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Hello there! We are always looking to improve our Eagle blog articles by adding new content, resources or software tools to them.

We usually review these contributions and update blog content once or twice every quarter, so please be patient and bear in mind that we are very selective in the resources included on our website. If we decide to accept your suggestion, we will be in touch via the email address you provide if we have further questions or once the blog post is updated. You do not need to follow up.

Currently, you can contribute to Eagle blog by:

1. Submit a Guest Article to Eagle Blog

The Eagle blog is a place for designers, media creators, project managers, and design readers to find resources and inspiration for career growth.

We have published more than 100 articles that resonated with designers and we welcome more industry experts to share your insights worldwide. If you are a design expert or creative professional, whatever fields you specialize in, or are proud of your works and would love to demonstrate the process, technique, or create a tutorial, we would love to hear from you.

What Eagle Blog Publishes?

1. Well-researched and informative articles about Design

  • Give practical information and actionable steps
  • Include sites, prices and other useful information

2. Evergreen content or current viral news about Design

  • A curated list of design resources
  • Design technique/ tips/ advice for career growth
  • It could also be your experiences and thoughts while using Eagle

3. Well-structured, easy to read and visually attractive articles

  • Less verbose and more “to the point”: use bullet points and tables
  • Good grammar and simple English for clearer and shorter sentences
  • Beautiful, relevant and high-resolution images

What will you get?

  • One do-follow link back to your website or store
  • We post published articles on our Twitter account @eagle_app
  • To get your content published on our blog that has average monthly page views of 1.1M
  • A chance to get featured on our Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese and Japanese Blog sites

Guest Post Guideline

  1. The guest posting opportunity is provided free of charge.
  2. The article should be more than 2000 words.
  3. Please use high-resolution images that are original or royalty-free (1280X900). Include the appropriate image credits where applicable. Some of our favorite royalty-free image sites.
  4. You can include a link to your website in an author’s bio. It will be do-follow. Any links irrelevant to article content, like the links to casinos, VPN, or other services, are unacceptable.
  5. We reserve the right to make minor edits to the title or the text, remove or replace links to third-party websites, and remove and insert images. We do that to make sure the article performs well in terms of SEO.

What will not be accepted

  1. DID NOT meet/read the guest post guideline.
  2. Anything that has been covered before on Eagle blog, with nothing new to add.
  3. Anything that is a link-building scheme.
  4. Anything that is overly promotional.
  5. Anything that is offensive, inaccurate or inflammatory.
  6. Anything that is overly and unfairly critical of companies or individuals.

How to submit?

Contact us at [email protected] and attach the full article using the template below

Download Here

  • WARNING: Please DO NOT spam our email by following up regularly, our system will detect it and block your email permanently.
  • If we like your idea, we will get back to you in 14 business days.
  • If you received no reply from us, try sending your article to different websites.

2. Submit Your Product or Brand

Eagle has tried our best to research every design tool and platform and wants to give an opportunity for every product to be showcased on this Eagle’s blog.

If you would like to submit your design products to be listed on one of our articles and for review by our team members, you are welcome to do so on this page by reading our requirements and completing the following form.

What will you get?

  • A mention back to your website or store
  • To get your product listed on our blog which average monthly page views is 650K
  • We post published articles on our Twitter account @eagle_app
  • A chance to get featured on our Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese and Japanese Blog site

What to be aware of

  • We do not BUY or SELL products, wholesale or otherwise. This is not a sales inquiry.
  • Our blog articles update once or twice every quarter, so your suggestion might not appear immediately

Resources to help you get started

Here are some curated lists we’ve published

Submit your application here

Looking for other content opportunities? Contact us!

For the moment, we are also open to advertising opportunities such as listing articles, ad placement on Eagle blog or Eagle Community Homepage, and more. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for detailed plans.

We look forward to working with you!
Eagle Team
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