How to Get the Best Designers and Reduce Turnover: Three Tips

David Torrealba・2022-07-08

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The great resignation movement is a strong trend in America that seeks to find new job opportunities based on modern needs, such as hybrid schedules, health insurance, and more. Image from Unsplash

Editor's note: Although this series is written for startups, there are crucial points that designs should take care of when finding a job in startups. Let's learn how to research and make true success in your design career!

A good company has many goals in this 21st century: increase sales, expand services, optimize branding and digital positioning, and avoid employee resignation. Indeed, mass resignations are a powerful trend in America right now, especially since COVID-19.

Designers are important members of your team, but they’re also creative people. Hiring efficient and loyal designers can be more difficult than it was a few years ago. A report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed a resignation rate of 2.9 percent in the country in April 2022, a figure equal to recent months.

Three Strategies to Keep Your Designers From Resigning

Job satisfaction depends on many personal factors. It is difficult for the company to guarantee the happiness and comfort of designers because they do not follow a universal pattern. However, we want to show you three tips to help you create a strong, loyal team of designers committed to your project. Take a look at the lines below.

1. Think Like an Employee, Not Like a Boss

If you want to know what circumstances motivate you to stick with a project, you must abandon your employer's perspective and begin viewing the world through the eyes of your employees. Coexistence and communication are two of the best ways to learn about this point of view.

Plan routine visits to the company's departments, utilize the work equipment and evaluate all services, chairs, tables, and lighting. Consider the comfort of your work days in each office or department. This technique helps you to provide designers with suitable solutions to increase their level of happiness.

2. Provide Opportunities for Professional Development to Your Designers

High wages are just one of the general goals of the new labor market. Designers look for jobs that offer growth opportunities to improve their professional performance. Numerous businesses provide their designers with reskilling and technical courses in order to maximize services through human talent.

These opportunities are attractive to anyone since they learn new techniques, improve their professional resumes, and practice during work shifts. Famous bootcamps in the tech industry are working with coding bootcamps such as General Assembly, App Academy, Thinkful, Springboard, and Flatiron School.

You can enroll the designers in your startup in these job training centers and get an absolute benefit: motivated workers to learn more tech skills, advanced performance, and a team ready for any challenge. Courses at these coding bootcamps are often cheaper than many certified organizations.

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3. Turn Your Company Into a Healthy Work Space for Designers

Job stress levels in the United States are alarming. Stress is one of the consequences of mental exhaustion and other conditions related to brain function, and this trend affects many designers.

No job should be the cause of extreme stress and pressure. If your company wants positive feedback, invest in healthy spaces for designers. What can you do to make your company a nice and healthy brand for designers? Pay attention to the bullet list below.

  • Provide mental health services available to all designers.
  • Offer flexible hours and optimistic and realistic deadlines.
  • Be understanding with each designer.
  • Consider hybrid schedules (on-site and online mode).
  • Prioritize the mental stability of workers before the results
  • Respect your designer’s time and avoid extra tasks or assignments outside of traditional hours.


We all know that building and maintaining an effective work team of designers is a difficult task, especially in America, where the labor supply is plentiful, and the competition is fierce. However, there are numerous approaches to working to the satisfaction of the entire team. Follow our advice, and you will have the best designers on the market.

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