Interface - Image List

The list is in the center of Eagle and it displays the images of the selected folder. You can custom the displayed information and layout by your needs.


 Eagle offers "Justified" and "Waterfall" two layouts, you can select a suitable layout based on your needs. Click for details.

  • Justified
    The visual alignment line is quite neat and suitable for the situation of images sorting and searching.
  • Waterfall 
    The visual alignment line is irregular and the search burden is large, but it's suitable for long-time previews of images of different sizes.

Order By

Right-click the blank space in the list and select the  "Order By" and you can arrange images.  

Show Columns

Right-click the blank space in the list and select the "Show Columns" and you can add or delete the information.

Single select

Select a  "single" image to check and edit its information.

Multiple select

Select "multiple" images to check or edit their information.

Detail Mode

Go to "Detail Mode" from list mode.

  • Double-click an image
  • Enter


You can use the "Preview" function when you want to browse the detail of the image but don't want to enter the detail mode.

  • Select the image and click the "Space" button

Open Items in New Window

When you need to view multiple images at the same time, you can open the image in a new window. The window can be adjusted to the display size and always displayed on top. Click for details.

  • Right-click the image and select "Open Item in New Window"
  • ⌘ + O
  • ⌘ + Double-click

Add Images to the Folder

Drag and drop the images to the folder or right-click the image and select "Add to Folders" > "Choose Folders" to add images to the folder.

Select Images to Create a Folder

You can use this feature to add images you selected to a newly created folder.

Copy the File Path

If you need the saving path of the image, right-click the image and select "Copy as Path". The path is in the clipboard. 

Presentation Mode

You can use "Presentation Mode" when you need to full-screen display images.

  • Right-click the image and select "Enter Presentation Mode"
  • F5

Reverse Image Search

When you need the image source but forget it, you can use the "Reverse Image Search" function to check similar images from the internet. Click for details.

Thumbnail Background

If the image background-color is too close to the Eagle theme color, you can modify the background color of thumbnails. Right-click the image, select "More" > "Custom Background" and choose the color. Click for details.

Combine Images

 You can choose images you want to combine, right-click the image and select  "More" > "Combine Images" and choose the arrangement. Click for details

Remove Images From The Folder

Remove images from the folder, but the images won't be deleted.

  • Right-click the images and select "Remove from this Folder"
  • ⌘ + Delete

Delete Images

  • Drag and drop the images to the trash
  • Right-click the images and select "Move to Trash"
  • ⌘ + Up + Delete

Back to Top

Click the "Back to Top" button to go to the top of the list.

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