Interface - Toolbar

The toolbar is mainly used to control the display content and display mode. The slider in the center of the toolbar can adjust the image display size. The search and filter tools on the right side can let you find the images you need.

The toolbar has different status with different use scenarios which can be divided into two modes:

List Mode

The list mode is often used for quickly browsing or finding images. Click for details.

Forward / Back Button

Left-click the "Forward/Back Button" to return to the forward/back folder.

Right-click the  "Forward/Back Button" to open the folder history, select the folder and you can return to the folder.

Current Category

Right-click the "Category" and the parent folder option will appear. Click the parent folder name can return to the folder.


  • Drag the slider to adjust the size of thumbnails
  • Use the hotkey ⌘ + = / ⌘ + - to zoom in/out on thumbnails


Click the sort button, you can select "Layout" and "Display information" to customize the image list.

  • Sort Method
    Sort images by selecting the item you want to order by.
  • Display Information
    Select the image information you want to display on the image list. 
  • Layout
    Eagle provides "Waterfall Layout" and "Justified Layout", you can switch the layout according to your needs. Click for details. 

Advanced Filter

Click the "funnel" button on the right side of the toolbar to open the filter, and you can select conditions to filter images. Click to details.

  1. Click the "funnel" button 
  2. Open the "Advanced Filter"

Keywords Search 

The search bar is at the right of the toolbar, click and enter keywords, you will get the related images. Click for details.

  • Search skills
  • Recommend
  • Custom Search Scope

Detail Mode

Double click an image to enter "Detail Mode", you can edit and comment on the image. Click for details.

Back Button

Click the "Back Button", you will return to the folder which the image belongs to.


The slider and scale are in the middle of the toolbar, you can use them to adjust the size of the images display. 

The slider is a non-linear ratio that makes you have a better user experience. 

Crop Images

In the "View mode", you can crop images to remove the unwanted part of the image.

  1. Click the "Crop" button on the right side of the toolbar
  2. Select the part of the image you want to keep.
  3. Click the "Crop" button to save the image

Rotate Images

In the "View Mode", you can use the image rotation function to rotate the image. 

  1. Click the "Rotate" button on the right side of the toolbar
  2. Rotate the image by the angle you specify

Actual Size

Click the "Actual Size" button, the image will be displayed as the size as you collect it.

Adaptive Size

When you add a phone or webpage screenshot, it will be difficult to display it in the actual size. Display images in the adaptive size will let you preview it comfortably.


Click the  "Previous/Next" button to open the previous/next image. 

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