Interface - Sidebar

The Sidebar is on the left side of the Eagle's main interface and provides content navigation, see the image below:

Hide Sidebar

If you want to hide the sidebar and maximize the image list, you can press the shortcut "Tab" to quickly hide the sidebar. 


The library is the way that Eagle saves images. All the images added will be saved in the library. You can click the library name to complete the following operations. Click for details.

  • Create libraries
  • Switch libraries
  • Recently used library
  • Clear history
  • Force reload
  • Merge Libraries

Switch Folder Button

We can see the switch folder button next to the library name, click the button to open the switch folder window. After clicking the button, you can select or search the folder you need to complete the operation.

Create Folder Button

We can see the create folder button next to the switch folder button. You can click the "+" button to quickly create the folder and smart folder.

Default Navigation

The Default Navigation is on the top of the sidebar, as shown below:

  • All
  • Uncategorized
  • Untagged
  • Random
  • All Tags
  • Trash 

Advanced Navigation

If you want to add "Random" or "Quick Access" to the sidebar, clicking "Eagle">"Preference" > "Sidebar" and checking the item that you want to add to the sidebar as navigation. 

  • Random
    In  Random" navigation tab, all of the image saved in the Library will be displayed in a random order, this could help you to refresh the images previously added, and boost for new inspiration. Please see here for more information.
  • Quick Access
    If you are always frustrated by finding frequently used folders in tons of the folders, the "Quick Access" solution might be the answer to it. Click here to see more details.
    1. Right-click the folder, select “Add to Quick Access” to complete the addition.
    2. Right-click the folder, select “Remove from Quick Access” to complete the removal.

Smart Folder

The smart folder is a kind of image classification feature of Eagle. Different from the general folder, the qualified images will be automatically added to the smart folder. You only need to set it once and you can save time for categorizing images. Click for details.

Create Smart Folders

The Smart Folder feature can be found in the Sidebar, click the "+" button to Create the smart folder. After opening the creation window, you can name the smart folder and set filter conditions for the Smart Folder. 

Remove Smart Folders

Right-click on the Smart Folder and select "Remove Folder" or using the hotkey "⌘ + Delete" to delete smart folders.

Rename Smart Folders

You can use "F2", "Enter", "Double-click" to rename Smart Folders.

Customize the Smart Folder's Icon and Color

Eagle provides a preset icons / colors which are also applicable to Smart Folder. By dressing up Smart Folders, you can categorize and search for folders easier.

Organizing Smart Folders

You can organize Smart Folders by dragging and dropping them, or left-clicking on the smart folder to select "Sort Folders by Title". You can change sorting order to your needs.

Export Smart Folders

Right-click on the smart folder you want to export, select " Export...", then select "Export to Computer" or "Export to Eagle Package" based on how you'd like the files to be exported. For more information, please see here.


Eagle provides hierarchical folders, you can drag and drops folders to the desired location or right-click the folder and select "New Subfolder" to create a subfolder.

Create Folders

The feature can be found in the Sidebar, click the  "+" button to create a new folder. After creating the folder, you can name the folder. 

Remove Folders

Right-click the folder and select  "Remove Folder" or using the hotkey "⌘ + Delete" to delete folders.

Rename Folders

You can use  "F2""Enter""double click" to rename folders.

Change the Folder's Icon and Color

Eagle supports custom folder icons and colors. By costuming folders, you can categorize and search for folders easier.

Sort Folders

Folders can be moved by dragging and dropping, or left-clicking on the folder to select  "Sort Folders by Title". You can change the order according to your needs.

Export Folders

Right-click the folder you want to export, select "Export...", and select "Export to Computer" or "Export to Eagle Package" according to your requirements. Click for details.

Show Subfolder Content

By default, the parent folder will not display contents that lies in subfolder(s), but if you want to display the subfolder content in the parent folder as well, you can right-click the parent folder and select "Show Subfolder Content", The content within the subfolders will then be displayed in the parent folder.

Sidebar Filter

The Sidebar filter allows you to easy find the item listed in the Sidebar. If you have trouble finding items from a super-long list, you can make good use of "Sidebar Filter" at the bottom of the Sidebar. You can enter the keyword to find the corresponding Sidebar items.

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