Search by BPM

Eagle now supports audio file filter, you can use the BPM(Beats Per Minute) as a condition to find specific audio files. By default, Eagle will not display the BPM filter, if you want to enable the BPM filter, please follow the steps below:

BPM: Beats per minute (heart rate), the number of heartbeats detected during one minute.

Enable BPM Filter

  1. Right-click the left upper "Eagle" > "Preferences"
  2. Click "Filter" and check the "BPM" option
  3. The BPM filter has been enabled

BPM Filter 

  1. Click the "Funnel" button to open filter
  2. Click the "BPM" button to enter a BPM range as a filter condition
  3. The filter results will be displayed on the list
Note: If you have any other audio file formats requirements, please contact us.
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