Fuzzy search

We all need to type texts frequently whenever we collect, search or organize images. Thus, how to finish tasks quickly with your keyboard becomes more important. And that's when Eagle's "Fuzzy search" shines out.

What is Fuzzy Search

The "Fuzzy Search" is a word matching technology that mainly used to predict the input text structure and find the results with the same structure, here are some simple examples: 

  • If you want to find "Music Player", you can enter "mpy" or "mer" to find it.
  • If you want to find "Design Pattern", you can enter "dpn" or "desip" to find it.

Where is Fuzzy Search applicable

The following features support fuzzy searching:

  • "Add tags" in the Inspector
  • "Go to folders" window
  • "Add Category" window
  • "Tags" filter
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