How to unbind my license key and reactivate on other devices?

All Eagle license keys are free to be activated/deactivated on the devices you wish to use, you can revoke the activated devices and transfer the activation to another device whenever you wish, to do so, please refer to the following steps:

1. Revoke the activation for the current device

Click on the Eagle's menu > " Unregister Eagle...", the activation for the device is then revoked.

2. Revoke the activation for "Other" devices

Click on the Eagle's menu, then click "Manage Devices..." to open up the activation management modal.

Select the device you wish to deactivate, then click the "Remove" button.

You may still manage the activation even if the activated device is broken or inaccessible, while activating on the new device, you could manage/revoke the activation via this modal.
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