How many devices can be activated by one license key?

Each set of the license key is able to activate two devices, and Eagle is available on both macOS and Windows, you can change which devices you want to activate without any limitation. In the case that youlose or change your PC, the license key is still available on the new device.

To put it simply, the license key can:

  1. Activate two devices (The license key is bound to the same email)
  2. Unbind from activated devices at will, there is no limit on the count of reactivation.
  3. Available on both macOS and Windows

If you’re looking to add seats, devices to your license, you can add extra seats to your existing license key.

Remark:If the key was activated on more than 3 devices, Eagle will provide an management interface, allowing you to manage your device. You can still use Eagle without limitation.
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