The Add To Folders tool

Eagle provides many methods for adding images into folders, so you can add them quickly and efficiently. But if you have a large number of folders in your library that will cause you to find folders or need to add pictures to folders that have not yet been created, Eagle has features to meet your needs, as detailed below: 

Add Images into Folders

Eagle provides many methods for adding images into folders The methods are shown below:

  • Drag and drop images to the folder
  • Copy images and paste 
  • ⌘ + D
  • Right-click images and select add to folders
    You can select the history folder or open the select folder menu. For the details, please refer to the articles below. 

Select Folder

Click "Add To Folders" to open the select folder menu, which makes you can quickly add images into the folder.

  1.  Right-click the image and select "Add To Folders"
  2. Click "Choose Folders"
  3. Select folders or create a new folder
    For details of the "Create a new folder", please refer to the articles below.
  4. Click the "Add to folders" button
Remarrk: The select folder meunu provides function of multi-selection, so you can add images into many folders once. 

Create a New Folder (In Select Folder Menu)

  1. Right-click the folder or click the "···" next to the folder
  2. Select "New Subfolder" or "New Folder Below"
  3. Enter the folder name
  4. After creating the folder, you can select the folder and  click "Add to folder" button
If you check the "Remove from current folder", the image will be removed from the current folder after you add it into other folders.
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