Detail Mode

In the detail mode, you can browse the detail of images, edit images and add comments to images.

Enter Detail Mode:

  • Double-click the image
  • Click Enter

Leave Detail Mode

  • Double-click the image
  • Enter
  • Esc

Comment Mode (C)

n the comment mode, If you have any idea want to record, you can select an area and enter your thoughts. The comments can be filter conditions so you can use them to find images easily.

Slider and Scale

The slider and scale are in the middle of the toolbar, you can use them to adjust the display size. The non-linear slider makes users have a better user experience.  

  • Right-click the Scale to "Actual Size" and "Justified Size"
  • Drag and drop the slider to zoom adjust the display size
  • Use hotkey ⌘ + = / ⌘ + - to zoom in/out the images
  • Left-click the scale to select display size

Crop the Image

You can crop the image to the size you wanted in Eagle's Detail Mode, please see details below:

  1. Click 'Crop' button at the right of the toolbar
  2. Select a frame you want the image to be cropped.                                                                             
  3. Click the 'Crop' button again and finish the process.

Rotate the Image

You can rotate the image as you wanted in Eagle's Detail Mode  , please see details below:

  1. Click 'Rotate' button at the right of the toolbar.
  2. Rotate the image to the angle as you wanted and finish the process.

The Crop and Rotate functions are only available to common image formats (e.g.  jpg、png)

Actual Size

Click the "Actual Size" button, the image will be displayed in the size as you saved it.

Zoom to Fit

Click the "Zoom to Fit" button, the image will be displayed in a suitable size for browsing,                                    

Previous/Next Button

Click the "Previous/Next" button to open the previous/next image.

Drag and Drop files to other apps

You can drag and drop files to other applications in "Detail Mode" without exiting to "List Mode". Tips are as follows:

  • Drag the thumbnail in the upper right corner
  • Hold Ctrl / ⌘ to drag the files
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