The tag is one of the indispensable features in Eagle, it's a tool for “organizing” and “searching”. With properly organized tags, they will be of great help in organizing and searching assets, in addition, they could also bring better productivity and user experience.

Add tags

Click on the tag box in the Inspector to open up the tagging window, this window can be pinned to top or resize, relocate whereever you want, see the image below:

  • Search for tags
    Enter keywords to search for existing tags, or create new ones.
  • Suggested tags
    The suggested tags to the keyword will be listed below, whereas tags with the “+” symbol means it's generated automatically, not a existing tag. Clicking it will then create and add the tag to the image.
    Tags without the “+” symbol means it's a existing tag, you can click it to add tags.
  • Recent
    Show the tags that you've recently used, it can save you some hazzle when it comes to tagging lots of images.

Remove Tags

If you want to remove the tag,  clicking the  “x” button on the tag to remove.

Add Tags to Multiple Images

If you need to add the same tags to lots of images, you can multiple select images and click tags you want to add to the Inspector.

Organize Tags

With more and more tags you have, finding one would then become troublesome. Eagle provides the managing and organizing features for tags to allow more efficient sorting. By default, items/tabs in the "All tags" are displayed as below:

  • All tags
    Show all tags in the order A - Z.
  • Uncategorized 
    Show tags that haven't been added to a group in the order A - Z.
  • Starred
    If you add a tag frequently, you can add it to a starred tag, this allows you to add the tag more quickly.

Tag Groups

The tag groups allow you to organize tags and customize tag colors to boost efficiency when searching for tags.

  • Create tag groups
  • Remove tag groups
  • Change tag groups color

Search tags

If you find search tags frustrating, you can search by keywords with the input box to the upper right.

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