Saving fonts

Eagle provides the feature of saving font files.  You can organize your font files in Eagle. Here are some advanced font file organization methods:


By default, the software will use the font selected to display the article "Moonlight over the Lotus Pond".


Show Chinese, English letters and numbers in eleven different sizes.


Show the Chinese letters, uppercase and lowercase English letters A-Z and number 0-9.


Show the basic information of the font file such as “Postscript Name”, “Full Name”, “Family”, “Style”, “Version”, “Copyright”, “Trademark”, “Characters”

You can click the “Set as File Name” button to replace the font file name used.


You can choose to display the font in “white”, “black”“blue”, “yellow” four different color backgrounds, and see how the texts are displayed in different color backgrounds.

One-Click Activation

Click the circle in the upper right corner of the image list or next to the font name to activate the font immediately. In this way, you won't have to download all the fonts and make the font list a total mess, you can activate when the font is needed, and deactivate it when it's not in use to maintain a neat list.


You can zoom in or out the font to view in the following ways:

  • Alt + wheel
  • Slider
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