The save-classify module

By default, the images will be saved in "All" in the sidebar, Eagle also supports the function of you can immediately categorize images when collecting them. So, you can and collect and categorize images at the same time without opening Eagle.

Open the Collection Popup Window

  1. Click the "Eagle extension icon" on the right top corner and select "Preferences"
  2. Check the "Collect Mode"
  3. Finish the operation, you can save and categorize images at the same time

Collection Popup Window

You can focus on the images categorize in the popup window, save the time for opening the software.


Search or click the location you want to save the image and click the save button to add the image.


You can directly write the comment to the images


Select or create the tags you want to add to the image.


If you want to rename the image, you can double-click the name.

Star Rating

Rate images, the rating can be a  filter condition. 

Categorize Images into Multiple Folders from Websites

If you want to categorize the image you collect from websites, you can use the "Command" button, please follow the steps below:

  1. Collect the image from websites
  2. Press the "Command" button and select folders
  3. Click the "Save" button
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