Do I get a discount if I am a student or teacher?

Currently, we offer a 30% discount for students and teachers. You can apply for the program by emailing us to [email protected] and provide requested documents listed below:

If you are a student:

  1. Provide a copy of your Student ID
  2. Advise us your Full Name in plain text (to avoid misunderstandings)
  3. Another document that proves you are registered enrolled at the nationally certified school

 - The provided documents must show your full name and student ID number. Available documents include but not limited to: Screenshot of logged-in student service pages, course schedule of the semester, academic records, receipt of tuition fees.

If you are a teacher/Professor:

  1. Provide a copy of your Teacher's Certification
  2. Advise us your Full Name in plain text (to avoid misunderstandings)
  3. Tell us the Name of the Institution you work
Remark1: Application submitted on other's behalf is **not accepted**.  The procedure would take about 3 working days, once approved, the discount code will be sent to your email.
Remark2: The educational discount is not applicable to training centers, non-accredited schools. In other words, only degree-granting schools are eligible.
Remark3: You can remove/censor sensitive information i.e. address, social security ID, and etc. if you feel uncomfortable to disclose your personal details, but be sure to leave other information unmodified so we are able to validate
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