[Event] Become Eagle’s brand ambassador

Eagle thank you for your participation in this journey. For many years, designers have struggled organizing assets and references, Eagle made organizing inspirations more efficient and intuitive! Our team often receives feedback and testimony from our satisfied users. 

In order to thank all the users, we want to introduce you to our Eagle brand ambassador program! Apply to become Eagle’s brand ambassador and share your testimonial with us, you will have the opportunity to market your own portfolio in the "Testimonial Area" on Eagle's official website so that every designer will have a chance to know you! 

You can refer to the following testimonial template: 

How to participate

Write a 30-50 words testimonial, email to [email protected] for review,  subject : [your name]'s Eagle brand ambassador program, and wait for review to become our brand ambassador. We will complete the review within 7 working days after receiving the application. Successful applicants will be directly announced in the "Testimonial Area", and those who do not meet the guideline will not be notified.
Email content must include the following guideline for a successful application:
  1. Eagle license key number
  2. Display name  
  3. Company and Title
  4. 1 Profile picture (Only JPG and PNG files are accepted, please do not exceed 1 MB)
  5. 1 Personal website, blog or SNS link (optional)
  6. 30-50 words testimonial

Application deadline

Now - December 31. 2023 

Terms and Conditions

  • An applicant can only apply once for this program.
  • The final publication may be modified according to the submission website layout.
  • Plagiarism and copying of the testimonial are prohibited. Once found, the qualifications for being an ambassador will be canceled.
  • Participant acknowledges and agrees that all testimonials submitted to Eagle will become and remain our exclusive property, you authorize Eagle and its channels (including but not limited to websites, advertisements, etc.) to publish and display your testimonial.
  • Participant acknowledges the name, company, title, etc submitted are only used for this event. Email will be used as a contact only and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Eagle reserves the right to check the validity of any participant and hold a final interpretation of these terms and conditions.
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