Unable to preview ai, eps, pdf files

If you are unable to preview ai, eps, pdf files, or it prompted a message  “Install GhostScript”. This may be because your device doesn't have the GhostScript plugin installed.

How to fix this issue?

Installing GhostScript 9.27 will help Eagle importing the related file formats.

  1. Download GhostScript 9.27 for Windows (64 bit)
  2. Install GhostScript plugin
    Double click on "gsw64.exe" to install
    Click on Next > Click on "Next >"Do not change the default install path, click "install"

    Click on "Finish" to complete installation
  3. Restart Eagle, right-click the file in question, and click "More" > "Refresh Thumbnail"

"Error launching installer" message prompted while installing GhostScript

This error may be caused that the GhostScript installer cannot locat its directory, this may be because the path contains non-english character or symbols. Please move the "gsw64.exe" to other path (e.g., C drive directory), then run the installation program again.

I have GhostScript installed, but I still can't import ai, eps, pdf files, why?

If you have Ghostscript installed but the issue persists, common causes may be:

  • You have multiple Ghostscript installed
    Please check and clean-uninstall any Ghostscript apps on your device, and reinstall the 9.27 version, then restart Eagle to see if it works.
  • Incompatible file formats
    The data and version of the file itself may be also related, please try opening the file in question with Illustrator or other apps, then export again and see if it helps.
  • Didn't completely install Ghostscript 
    Please copy all the files in C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.27\bin
    Paste them into C:\Windows\System32
    Restart Eagle to see if it works.

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